Accardia specializes in structuring projects for investors. Some projects we initiate ourselves and others we select with investors’ strategy in mind.  For project developers we support sourcing of investors by structuring, calculating and creating presentations for the investment opportunities under contract with our clients. Depending on the type of project this may involve any or all of the following activities:



• Project scouting, evaluation and qualification

• Yacht and aircraft sourcing

• Business planning

• Financial planning

• Cost estimations and construction tenders

• Preparation exposes and teasers

• Preparation of placement documents

• Structuring and founding of SPVs in Europe and/or the UAE

• Creation of investment vehicles (offshore corporations, holding companies, SICAV funds, etc)

• Facilitation of negotiations and transactions in M&A

• Local and national lobbying

• Architectural and technical planning

• General contractor activities

• Controlling

• Investor relations

• Sales and marketing

• Execution of exit strategies


As we only take on projects in which we ourselves believe we take an active role in all the activities and remain accountable for all transactions in which we partake. We use top-tier legal counsel, accounting firms, banks and clearing houses, as well as first rate planning, engineering, and construction houses for all our transactions.


Besides the requisite organizational, planning, fund-raising, and managerial experience our team adds value through its sector specific expertise:



Real Estate

• Prime real estate expertise, both commercial and residential

• Viable and tasteful exploitation of trophy assets and historic sites

• Architectural concepts and design

• Permitting of historically, politically, and environmentally difficult development projects

• Connecting diverse partners to form rounded teams with a common goal (including private equity, banks, construction entities



Luxury Goods

• Expertise in sourcing and evaluating investment and operations of luxury amenities, such as jets, yachts, or historic vehicles

• Acquisition support expertize




• Strategic thinking for sustainable and environmentally correct power generation

• Deep know-how of economic factors of energy generation technologies

• Access to world class technology specific technical experts for hydro power and waste-to-energy

• Hands-on experience in setting up, funding, and running alternative energy operations companies